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91: Press Agree to Drive

November 14, 2014100 min
Twitter's absurd mission strategy statement Demotivational Poster Should we use a carousel? Follow-up: More on app bundles Does iWork help Apple sell hardware? RiMac GPUs are throttled? It's possible to get hot even in OS X Gaming benchmarks More from Ars iStat Menus Why TRIM isn't widely supported on OS X iPhone 6 vs. 6 Plus sales (via @_ryanbrodie) More from Localytics Overcast 1.1 CarPlay Marco's testing setup Pioneer SPH-DA120 MPPlayableContentManager We covered in-car user interfaces before Microsoft open-sources more of .NET More from Ars More from Miguel de Icaza Xamarin RyuJIT Hadouken Clang LLVM .NET on Github Darwin KHTML WebKit CLR TCL GNUstep Examples of software established in Linux Wireshark Audacity Adium (or, really, Pidgin) git Selenium phpBB Titanium The good, the bad, and the ugly of source control DVD-RAM and DVD+RW Turns out Marco's "DVD-RAM" emoji (💽) is really a Minidisc, which was moderately popular in Japan. Perforce SVN CVS Mercurial Betamax Post-show Baby Update The Analog(ue)-ATP Baby Treaty (@31:00) Casey's fancy camera Scammy in-hospital newborn photography EXIF Tiffany Arment Photography Sponsored by: Mandrill: Integrate, deliver, track and analyze — email infrastructure from Mandrill. Use promo code accidentaltech for 50,000 free email sends per month for your first 6 months. Hover: The best way to buy and manage domain names. Use coupon code CASEYNEEDSANAP for 10% off. Squarespace: Start here. Go anywhere. Use coupon ATP for 10% off.

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