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96: The Windows of Siracusa County

December 19, 2014144 min
Casey upgrades his podcasting setup after an awkward Apple store experience Follow-up: App Store Woes Panic's Transmit woes reversed DragonDrop Timebar Launcher Crossy Road financials PS4 DLNA support is coming (via @asendra_) Plex has announced PS4 support (via @returnedlast) However, rollout will be staggered Sleazy Twitter app scans Nick Arnott corrects Marco Christmas comes early for John, perhaps because of Romain Moisescot Pastebot (RIP) Microsoft Acquires Hockey App Azure Mobile Services Should HTTP or HTTPS be the default browser state? HTTPS Everywhere Eric Schmidt is confused, as usual Finally, a very special after-show, starting with John missing WindowShade (image). Sponsored by: Dash: Create a free, real-time dashboard for your website, your business, or your life. (Check out the ones they made for us.) Automatic: Your smart driving assistant. Get $20 off with this link. Learn at your own pace from expert-taught video tutorials. Free 7-day trial.

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