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97: You Have to Know When to Stop

December 26, 201487 min
Follow-Up: Google giving SSL Sites search ranking boost (via (@thesupermikey) Let's Encrypt plans to give free SSL certs Google Authenticator and handling web forms appropriately Marco expands his horizons POODLE attack cURL SSL/TLS Node.js supervisord beanstalkd curl-multi camo Heroku memcached nginx JavaScript prototypes Pentium Pro V8 Engine setTimeout() Go NSURLSession MacMiniColo Linode Zend Framework Hack HHVM CloudKit Holidays as the family tech support expert Fill Your TV DiskWarrior Communication Pyramid Casey tries Workflow and channels his inner Federico Viticci Casey's Review (posted after this show was recorded) Analog(ue) Synology NAS Devices Post-show: Holiday equipment physical inspections Hopscotch Turing completeness Be sure to turn on relatives' iCloud Backups John's etiquitte guide to real-time tweeting to podcast hosts while listening Yes, John knows you can copy to the clipboard from Google Authenticator IRLTalk Hopscotch achieves Turing completeness Sponsored by: Automatic: Your smart driving assistant. Get $20 off with this link. Warby Parker: Boutique-quality, vintage-inspired eyewear at a revolutionary price. Backblaze: Online backup for $5/month. Native. Unlimited. Unthrottled. Uncomplicated.

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