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98: Landmines, Pitfalls, and Bottomless Pits

January 3, 2015127 min
Follow-up: More on John's windowing strategy Application Switcher Menu (the developer's site is down) DragThing Why one would run SSL on "read-only" sites Marco (mostly) hates new things again Node Go Python Generics C Macros Operator overloading Rails John's thought on Twitter AnyEvent libev libevent Shifty Jelly & Pocket Casts Core Intuition on Swift Garbage Collection in Objective-C Apple Java Bridge CodeWarrior Apple's Marketing Survey (via Joe Sieger) App Store Review Guidelines, specifically 5.6 Apple's humorous announcement Pointy-haired boss Panic Marco's new thoughts on his new iPad Tweetbot The Incident Space Age phpBB Post-show Textshotting Example from MG Siegler Example from Farhad Manjoo WAP Boar's Head Pancetta Oxford comma Examples When to give up on a language Node Timers module Sponsored by: Squarespace: A better web starts with your website. Use promo code ATP for 10% off. Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Use code ATP for 20% off your first order. (Marco's app-icon Fractures) Harry's: An exceptional shave at a fraction of the price. Use code ATP for $5 off your first purchase.

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