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105: Do You Want to Sell Sugar Phones for the Rest of Your Life?

February 20, 2015106 min

Where does Apple use iCloud Core Data Sync?
Trailers App?
Keyboard Shortcuts?
React in the interview with Andy Matuschak
Apple making a car?
9to5 Mac on hiring Mercedes-Benz R&D
Wall Street Journal
Nissan Leaf
Mr. Fusion
Flux Capacitor
Neutral on car UIs
BMW iDrive
Volkswagen Service Bus
Volkswagen R32
MyFord Touch
Ford Sync
What shape would an Apple car take?
Tesla Model X
Ford Crown Victoria
Smart car
Jony Ive Profile
Leander Kahney's book about Jony Ive
Arguments about what cars are pretty
Toyota Supra
Lexus SC
Lexus GS
BMW M3 (F80)
Acura MDX
Acura RL
2016 Nissan Maxima
Sappy (and thoroughly confused) Nissan Super Bowl commercial
C7 Corvette
2014 Accord
2015 Camry
BMW M5 (E39)
Casey's car
Toyota Avalon
Mazda 6
BMW i8 video
Tesla Roadster

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