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113: Get Your Ears Ready to Hear Me Complain

April 16, 2015106 min

Donate to the EFF as a thanks for invalidating key claims of the "podcasting patent"
There is no air gap in at least "most models" of the Apple Watch (via Jeremy Heberlein)
What watches did we order?
Apple Store App (iTunes Link)
Marco's Blog Post
Casey's Blog Post
Joel Housman's Blog Post
Dr. Drang challenges Marco
ATP is selling T-shirts again!
Be sure to order before Wednesday, 6 May!
Visit voiceover artist and clothier Matt Alexander's awesome company, Need.
New ticketing rules
Chargeback (please don't do this)
John ends his series of OS X reviews
Retrospective: 5 years of OS X
Retrospective: 10 years of OS X reviews
"My Body is Ready"
Casey tries to avoid doing HTTP Basic Auth on his site
John has thoughts about Casey's header
John tries to buy a lamp

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