Accidental Tech Podcast

116: Women Aren't a Minority

May 8, 2015121 min

Pre-show: Marco defends his backyard duck from raccoons
HFS+ and Network Attached Storage
The Synology we use is the DS1813+, but the DS1815+ is the modern version
Saving and transferring edits between photo apps
Flickr gives 1 TB free (via @VJGoh)
Disabling iCloud Photo Library 1 & 2
LaunchControl for managing launchd jobs
Microsoft, iOS, Swift (via @esusatyo)
Swift is being worked on
Presentation video
Marco versus the raccoons, illustrated
How do we encourage more women to listen to ATP?
John's tweet
App Camp for Girls
Example 1 & 2
Overcast changes for Apple Watch
Are watches destined to replace smartphones?
What were the first iPhone apps we downloaded?

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