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123: Imperfect Signaling Mechanism

June 24, 201586 min

Bitcode is specific to its originally targeted CPU architecture
Bruce Hoult tweet 1, tweet 2
C data types
Data structure alignment
Steve Troughton-Smith
S1 analysis by Chipworks
The (un)likelihood of ARM Macs
Apple's transition from PowerPC to Intel CPUs
Intel Skylake
Swift 2 and compiler self-hosting
Mono's compiler history
Oculus as "the Palm Pilot of VR"
John, his watch, and his nose
Myke was right again
Myke was originally right about the iPhone 6 Plus
Safari Content Blocking API in iOS 9 and El Capitan
WebKit Content Blockers
Session video with John and Marco
Safari View Controller to kill minibrowsers
YouTube ad settings
Ad-banner blindness
The ethics of running ad-blockers
AdBlock Plus accepts money from some ad companies whitelisted as Acceptable Ads
John's Reload Button extension for Safari
TRIM) on non-Apple SSDs
New trimforce command in El Capitan
Casey, John, and Marco attempt to modify their houses.

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