Accidental Tech Podcast

132: Digital Hearth

August 26, 2015134 min

Casey's Tom Bihn Cadet review
John's 802.11ac device (via @_adamluther)
John's Wi-Fi Routers
AirPort Extreme Teardown
Noctua fan
What computer should Casey buy?
Mouse design
Apple Mouse
Apology Mouse
Apple Pro Mouse
Logitech MX Revolution
Low Men in Yellow Coats
Apple Mouse History
John's home mouse
John's work mouse
Magic Mouse, "Fixed"
Wirecutter review with grip pictures
Overcast upgrades at Linode
John's adventures with Safari pinned tab icons
Alternate markup
Affinity Designer
Challenges of an iPad "Pro"
Mark Gurman on iPad Pro
iPad: A Consumption Device, After All? by Lukas Mathis

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