Accidental Tech Podcast

135: Uncomfortable in My Pants

September 18, 2015126 min

Top Four
CEC Unicorns
_David Smith's 16 GB iPhone Research
iPhone 6/6S battery numbers
Naked robotic core
Casey's Lenmar battery case
Mophie Juice Pack Reserve
Anker's very similar battery case
Casey's crescent moon and Genius Bar policies
Apple TV
Development hardware lottery
Apology mouse
Plex for Apple TV
Clicks vs. taps
TV Calibration
THX Tune Up app
MFI Games
Can Apple TV require a controller?
Apple documentation
Screenshot of prior Apple documentation
WebKit on the Apple TV
Manton Reece's response
Marco's celebratory post
iPad Pro
John on the iPad Pro
Hypercritical #58 (Overcast link)
Touch latency
Microsoft Research
John's post featuring this video
Apple Pencil vs. Wacom Cintiq
The source of John's Hypercritical quote
Sketch and making money on the App Store
Ben Thompson's take
Marco's post on Peace
Marco's post on ad blocking

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