Accidental Tech Podcast

141: Chain-Link-Fenced Garden

October 29, 201599 min

Apple TV and home theater
Apple's guide to choosing a capacity
Optical splitter from HDMI
Marco doesn't know what a "sound bar" is
5400 RPM benchmarks, charts
Mac GPUs, heat, and noise
2015 5K iMac overheats?
Dynamic range compression in the new AppleTV?
Monitor height and VESA-mounting
Facebook statement on app battery usage
John's Star Wars tickets
Apple's earnings call
Benedict Evans' chart: iPad vs. laptops
Large-storage needs at home: NAS, Drobo, or external hard drives?
Upgrade #60
ATTO iSCSI Initiator
OWC ThunderBay 4 mini
John on RAID in 2005
Google Play Music adds podcasts
Diff'rent Strokes
Libsyn interviews Google Play Music manager about podcast feature
Post-show: Apple TV reviews
Past guest Christina Warren at Mashable
Walt Mossberg

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