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145: Lasers and Pew-Pew and Space Aliens

November 24, 201587 min

Pre-show / Follow-out‡:
John Siracusa Paper Doll
John riding on Merlin's back
John on top of Hypercritical Mountain
Marco's version of John... plus a bowtie
Top Four on Take-Out Food
Roanoke Colony
Reconcilable Differences
Top Four
Robot or Not
The Incomparable
Casey's guest spot
iPad Pro and wide-gamut displays
iMac insomnia
What 2015 tech are we thankful for?
John gets hypercritical about Thanksgiving
mDNSResponder (not discoveryd)
Functional High Ground
Marco's follow-up post
Craig Hockenberry on discoveryd (strong language)
Live Photos & 4K Video
Canon 5D Mark II
Sony A7R II
If you get that, you want this lens, and probably this one too.
Apple Photos
Google Photos
Under the Radar
Olympus O-MD E-M10
Casey's review
Big SSDs
Lightning Digital AV Adapter
Quake III Arena
Unreal Tournament 2004
Apple Watch
Post-show bonus items:
Apple Pencil

‡: Still not Siracusa-approved

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