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146: Control + Money + Smallness

December 5, 2015110 min

iMacs and IR ports
mDNSResponder gets fixed by a phone call to Tim Cook
German video
Vint Cerf
Stuart Cheshire
iPhone 7 rumored to drop the headphone jack
Existing Lightning-equipped headphones
Slimmed-down headphone jack
Lightning Digital AV Adapter
Casey's Bluetooth headphones
Marco's Bluetooth headphones
Swift goes open-source
Copland 2010
Apple on Github
Traditional Apple open source
Swift commit graph
First Swift commit
Material #23 with Matías Duarte
The Talk Show Live at WWDC 2015 with Phil Schiller
Swift 3.0 plans
Removing NS prefix
Under the Radar #2 - Time for Swift
Ars Technica talks with Craig Federighi
The Next Web talks with Craig Federighi
Swift Issue Tracker
GPL trolls
John had a cloudy day.
Special extended edition of the Siracusa Toaster song by Jonathan Mann, who also wrote our ending theme song. Hire him to make a song for you, a friend, or a loved one this holiday season!

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