Accidental Tech Podcast

148: Your Feelings Are Real

December 18, 2015114 min

Green shifting (see also)
Continuous release schedules
Jeff Atwood's Infinite Version
iPhone 7 battery theories
4-inch iPhone 6S predictions
Marco's SOLEMEMO battery case
Marco's slim battery brick
Negativity about Apple
Apple TV App Store challenges
Ctrl-Walt-Delete: A Cycle of Despair
Swift Open Sourcing
The Talk Show #139
Chris Lattner's tongue-in-cheek tweet
First non-Lattner commit
Lattner's reply
Apache 2 License patent grant
Package manager
Code owners
Max Howell's snarky tweet
Erica Sadun's blog
Mailing list
Links to tweets in Swift source (via Danny Greg)
Post-show Neutral:
Casey drives a Tesla Model S

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