Accidental Tech Podcast

154: A Rich Toddler’s Toy

January 29, 201693 min

Audiobus used MIDI SysEx, not loopback networking
Inter-App Audio on iOS offers Audio Unit extensibility
Could Apple make a universal Lightning-headphone replacement cable?
John's Destiny Heads-Up Display
Panasonic P55VT60
Pirate Eye Patches
Quirks & Quarks Podcast
Red lights & astronomy
VESA mount iMac serial numbers
Apple Earnings
More graphs from Kieran Healy
iPod graph
Trucks vs. Cars
El Camino
Subaru Baja
Subaru Brat
All-product-lines performance graph (Posted after the show by Kieran Healy)
Will the next iPhone be waterproof?
Craig Hockenberry on waterproofing in the Apple Watch
Post-show: Inductive iPhone charging

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