Accidental Tech Podcast

158: You Can't Outlaw Math

February 25, 2016101 min

Pre-show: Driving John's cold over to Craig's house
The Talk Show interview with Craig Federighi and Eddy Cue
Figma is in the browser
Comic Sans was created for Microsoft Bob
Microsoft Buys Xamarin
Project Islandwood
Apple and the FBI
Statement from Apple
Follow-up FAQ
Justice Department wants more phones
Apple Interview on ABC News
Technical analysis by Jonathan Zdziarski
More from Jonathan
The Dead Zone
Reactions/Useful Links
Kieran Healy
James Allworth
Ben Thompson
Dan Guido
American Civil Liberties Union
Senator Ted Lieu (covered on The Loop)
Ending theme by Jonathan Mann
Post-show: #mykewasvictorious
Cortex #22 & #23

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