Accidental Tech Podcast

163: Wet Right Thumb

April 1, 2016131 min

Pre-show: Theories on seasonal allergies
Follow-up: Walmart is slightly less evil than we thought, at least in renewable energy
Walmart's Approach to Renewable Energy (PDF)

Will we ever see USB ports on the iPad Pro?
Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter

Ubuntu on Windows
Destiny and a dimming/hiding HUD
NPM's recent disaster
Camel's dependencies

Safari Technology Preview
Announcement blog post

Intel ends Tick/Tock, introduces Tick/Tock/Thunk Process/Architecture/Optimization
End of Moore's Law

Oculus Rift won't work until Apple "releases a good computer"
Mac is fine for VR, but not for the Rift

Ending theme by Jonathan Mann
Post show Neutral: Marco got a Tesla
Pickup picture from Tiff
Another picture from Tiff
Porsche Panamera
Porsche 911
Top Four with John & Tina Siracusa
Neutral #12: Vomit Ruins Everything

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