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171: WWDC Is Not Santa Claus

May 26, 2016118 min

Pre-show: ATP Shirts!
Marco's illustration

App Store review times
The Talk Show #154 - Facebook on Your Face

Force quitting apps on Android & iOS

Rumored new MacBook Pro
MacRumors Buying Guide
Optimus Keyboard
Clockwise #138 – You Know What Your'e Signing Up For
Windows SideShow
Cortex #29 - Dvorak
Magic Keyboard
IBM Model M
PowerBook G4
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard
Apple Extended Aluminum Keyboard
Apple Extended II

Apple Opening Siri & Developing Echo Rival
Marco's post
Functional High Ground
Phish Meatstick video
Pixel Envy - Meet VocalIQ
Craig Hockenberry on logins

Getting the best from both Apple and Google
Ending theme by Jonathan Mann
Post-show: Casey's identity crisis
Google Photos
Connected #92 - My Relationship with the Status Bar

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