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173: A Series of Heartbreaking Rejections

June 10, 2016133 min

No 5K Monitor at WWDC
iPhone "7" & SE: Third Time's a Charm
macOS in official documentation?
Photo evidence

App Store changes announced this week
Apple's official pages:
Subscription changes
Search ads
Example image

Press interviews with Phil Schiller:
Daring Fireball
The Verge
The Loop
The Telegraph

Under the Radar #31: Today's App Store Announcements
Brent Simmons' request for clarification
People can't see ads
Casey's take on DuckDuckGo
Covariance & contravariance

WWDC Predictions
Upgrade #92: WWDC 2016 Draft

Ending theme by Jonathan Mann
Post-show: Marco changes an opinion
World of Goo
Human Resource Machine
Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop from Myke's Pencil Hacks

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