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177: Paying for Someone to Blame

July 7, 201693 min

Follow-up: Dave Nanian of SuperDuper fame on HDMI CEC
Ripping Blu-rays for Apple TV:
DS Video
Don Melton's video-transcoding scripts
The TV Database
The Movie Database
Follow-up on Marco's HDMI CEC woes

Follow-up: Matt Bischoff on ice cream ingredients
Edy's vs. Dreyer's vs. Breyer's

iCloud Drive vs. Dropbox for file syncing
Scrivener Sync
macOS Sierra and the case of the missing files
Dropbox Infinite

Hackintoshes still exist, apparently
Marco's joke RT
Old World ROM
Isopoint Trackbar (more here)

The poor Mac Mini
Motorola Rokr

Ending theme by Jonathan Mann
Post-show Neutral: Honda Accord SE

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