Accidental Tech Podcast

197: Life by a Thousand Hugs

November 25, 2016130 min

John's Energy Star sticker
"Trust, but verify"
Hypercritical: Trust, but Verify

Casey and John visit an Apple Store
Stephen Hackett's keyboard sound comparison video

Marco buys a thing
iStat Menus
Griffin BreakSafe Power Cable
Designed by Apple in California with Actual Products

John's new phone
Jack size comparisons

Comparing color gamuts (via @auniverseaway)
Jony Ive on used iPhones
Penny Arcade and the Surface Studio
Microsoft to enable x86 emulation on ARM64
Jason Snell on ARM Macs

Apple to discontinue AirPort and Time Capsule wireless routers
Eero and Netgear Orbi
John's tweet
Maxim Samolyenko
Time Machine over SMB

Dan Moren

Brent Simmons and the "Reverse Halo Effect"
Upgrade #116: Design Team Yearbook

Ending theme by Jonathan Mann
Post-show Neutral: The Grand Tour
Casey's post
Analog #94: It Was Eye Watering (to be released Sunday, 27 November)

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