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206: All You Need Is Five Nerds

January 26, 2017125 min

Pre-show: Casey needs his morning coffee
Follow up:
Consumer Reports does an about-face
Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard
Apple Magic Keyboard

WebKit's new Garbage Collector: Riptide

APFS is in iOS 10.3
Developers will be able to respond to App Store reviews
Under the Radar #64
Craig Hockenberry asks for this in 2009

Apps can change their own icons
Steve Troughton-Smith's digging
App change dialog
Sample project

Floating iPad keyboard
...that isn't public
...that aren't that new
PiedPiPer for Safari on Sierra
Double-click trick for YouTube

Apple API for Soliciting Reviews
Under the Radar #64 again

Ending theme by Jonathan Mann
A 10.5" iPad? Let's do math.
Jason Snell's thoughts
Original rumor
Apple Pencil 2?

Representation of tech interests in elected officials
Brianna Wu running for Congress

Marco convinces Casey to spend money
Cost of owning a used Ferrari

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