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218: MagSafe Cups of Water

April 19, 201799 min

Follow up:
APFS iOS app updates hit the app store
Marco's Overcast hacks
Podlove Simple Chapters

APFS free space
Nvidia coming back to the Mac
Kieran Healy's thoughts regarding Marco's comments about schedules
Clips gets special treatment in the app store
T-Shirts! will be available until April 26.
We know what the site says. Trust us.
Jet Black considerations
Inverted Jenny

Apple USB-C MagSafe patent
Xbox breakaway cable

Beginning of the end for iTunes?
WWDC lunches
Casey loves Odwalla... a lot. Really.

Ending theme by Jonathan Mann
Post-show: John's evaluation of Nintendo today
PS Vita
Hypercritical #49: Pinching the Harmonica

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