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67: Tim Said, Man

May 28, 2014129 min

We'll be guests on the WWDC live episode of The Talk Show: Tuesday, June 3, 6–9 PM. Get tickets here ASAP! John will be taking a plane... for you.
Which is faster: installing Showbot or reimplementing it?
Casey's open-source Node version
PHP isn't faster than Javascript, voiding Marco's accidental argument in the last episode.
Node.js uses CommonJS, not AMD. ECMAScript also adds formal module support, which es6-module-transpiler lets you use today.
To the great surprise of nobody except John, iPhones come with earbuds, and those earbuds come with clickers.
To the great surprise of nobody, including John, the Bluetooth-pairing interface in a car was terrible, and both Marco and Casey missed an obscure reference.
iOS games that support physical game controllers must also work without them.
If the "iPhone 6" comes in two sizes, which do you buy?
Possibility of resolution scaling modes.
Would the cameras be different? (Marco on The Talk Show, starting around 01:26:00).
WWDC product-announcement predictions:
New MacBook Airs or a 12" Retina MacBook Air? (Intel's Broadwell delay)
Macworld's slow SSD speeds in the new Airs may just be from different SSD manufacturers.
New Apple TV hardware or software?
The Apple TV 3's CPU was originally a dual-core A5 with one die disabled, but not anymore.
The iPod Touch still has an A5 LOL.
There may not be any new hardware announced at WWDC, just like previous WWDCs in 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011.
New sensors to be taken advantage of, like Pedometer++ did with the M7 last year.
Craig Hockenberry on Apple wearables
Wearables, sensors, and watches in fashion and reality.
Bringing the new Mac Pro's dark-glossy-aluminum finish to more Pro hardware?
Retina Thunderbolt Display?
The Magic Mouse. Yes, we really talked about this.
Drawing conclusions from the "To Be Announced" sessions in the WWDC schedule.
WWDC predictions for Mac OS X 10.10:
Just a visual refresh, or notable improvements to the core OS as well?
Apple shuffling engineers around to work on the new hotness while neglecting its established platforms and applications.
Modernization or replacement of AppKit, possibly by bringing the relevant parts of UIKit to Mac?
Is there any hope for a new filesystem, possibly by evolving Core Storage?
WWDC predictions for iOS 8:
Better inter-app communication:
A system like Contracts or Intents?
Involving remote view controllers?
Side-by-side iPad multitasking?
Springboard enhancements?
Please kill Newsstand. Please. Just make them normal app icons.
Could Remote View Controllers and Background Refresh be used for widgets, live tiles, or dynamic icons?
Customizable default browser, mail app, etc.?
WWDC predictions for new or improved web services:

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