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71: Security By Guilt

June 27, 2014102 min

Million Dollar Homepage (more on Wikipedia)
Alex Tew's Twitter Account and new venture
Casey's Showbot returns.
SPOILER ALERT: The Gist Casey mentioned
Casey breaks Marco's brain with consulting terminology
Is "!s" pronounced "bang-S" or "exclamation-point-S"?
Hat colors
Google I/O
Material Design
Design Reel video
Android Auto
Moto 360 Watch
Panerai Watches
Lock-in by visual affordances
Gmail API
The API doesn't replace IMAP
Marco's prediction about IMAP support
ART Runtime
Are web APIs still necessary?
"Follow-down" on Swift and openness (Lattner's comment on Mike Ash's Friday Q&A)
More silly business metaphors
Casey's Showbot: web sockets, error handling, and developing for work vs. "play".

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