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73: Notifications Duck

July 10, 201480 min

Why would someone switch from iOS to Android? Is it because of software updates?
Google I/O Inclusiveness
Penny-farthing bicycle
RAW editing in iPhoto
Alarm fatigue and how it relates to notifications on our phones
More on health monitoring by Ben Griffel
Control Plane
The death of plasma
The challenges of making a 4K plasma TV
Are 4K TVs worth it?
Netflix Shows 4K
Leaked "iPhone 6" "Sapphire" Display Video
Overcast and Content Security Policy
Github rolled out CSP
Firefox memories
Firefox's launch ad in the New York Times
Browser rendering engine timeline
Rescue Time
Quick Neutral
F80 M3 vs. E92 M3 dyno comparison
F10 M5 Launch Control
Porsche 918
Casey's traction control in the snow

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