Accidental Tech Podcast

75: You Had Your Moment

July 24, 201487 min

Pre-Show: John visits Six Flags
Overcast week one update
Server side vs. local feed crawling
XML wonkiness
UI Changes in 1.0.1
What should the rewind and fast-forward buttons do in a podcast app?
Episode 1 of the Debug Epic with Nitin Ganatra
More on priority podcasts
Sapphire iPhone 6
Second Marques Brownlee Video
Mohs Hardness Scale
Gorilla Glass
Apple & IBM Partner in the Enterprise
Keeping devices & sceens pristine
Mac SE/30
Mac Plus
Used cars, kids, dings, and knicks
Bra Phase
John criticizes recent showbot changes
TV Talk
Which Mike Judge creations are funnier than others
Halt and Catch Fire
Silicon Valley


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