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81: You Left Your Money in a Bank

September 5, 2014145 min

TiVo service charges and OTA channels
Frayed Lightning Cables on Tumblr
Google allegedly dropped out of buying Twitch
Anand Shimpi retires from AnandTech to work for Apple
Anand's announcement
Tom's Hardware Guide and the 1133 MHz Pentium III
Hackers steal photos from celebrities, apparently by phishing their iCloud accounts or answering security questions
Possibly similar to Mat Honan's hack
Find My iPhone was missing rate-limiting
Apple says the rate-limiting flaw wasn't involved
Ben Thompson on iCloud's reputation
Tim Cook responds in WSJ interview
Next week's Apple event
Feld & Volk video of an assembled 4.7" iPhone 6
Relative seating capacity of Apple event venues
Recent attacks of women in gaming
An overview on The Guardian
Another good overview
Feminist Frequency (YouTube channel)
Isometric: Brianna Wu, Maddy Myers, Georgia Dow, and Steve Lubitz
Susan Arendt
"Common Markdown", née "Standard Markdown"
John Gruber's official Markdown
That word for when "I know that you know that I know…" and so on that John couldn't remember: Yomi

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