Accidental Tech Podcast

85: The Unexpected Hard Part

October 3, 201480 min

John defends his derision about the load-bearing finger
Thumb commercial
Accidental Build and Analyze about iOS 8 size classes and adaptive UI
Write-up by Justin Williams (the "???" square in the grid is the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape)
iPad resizable-apps video by Steven Troughton-Smith
Designing Applications
Continued Follow-Up:
NFC around the world
iPhone 6+ scaling
Original tweet
John on Mac resolution swapping
Bendy iPhones 6
Consumer Reports bends phones
Anecdotal evidence
iPod Touch people
Marquetry (via @sjsyrek)
Proprietary eponym
Jonathan Mann's Harry Potter EP on Kickstarter
Post-show Follow-Up:
The Invisible Spreadsheet
Update on John's review
Slippery iPhones 6 and cases

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