Accidental Tech Podcast

94: Spirited Defense of Pong

December 5, 2014100 min

Casey clears up his car intentions
Golf R Wagon/Estate
Apple using push notifications for an advertisement
App Store Rule 5.6
Paul Haddad's Idea
Drafts' Today Widget fiasco
Tweets from Greg Pierce, author of Drafts
One, two, three, four
PCalc's Today Widget brouhaha
Should one create an app for creating podcasts? Are niche professional apps worth creating?
Well, maybe...
Final Draft
John August's Scripnotes Podcast
Quark XPress
Logic Pro X
Hindenburg (Why the name "Hindenburg"?)
Fog Creek Copilot
Core Intuition on App Windfalls
Game monetization and Crossy Road
Team Fortress 2
Clash of Clans
The danger of Touch ID for sleeping parents
Jason Snell dominates Crossy Road
(John's son dominates Jason Snell)
More on profitability (AppFigures)
Desert Golfing
Up Up Down Down Interview
Frog Fractions
Scorched Earth
Super Gravitron
Super Hexagon

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