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EP 19: The Speaker's Platform -- Getting Fun and Lucrative Gigs - Advisorist Podcast

Advisorist Podcast

In this podcast, we discuss: 

  • Guidelines for TEDx Talk
  • TEDx Talk subject - Parenting is a Breakthrough, not a Break from your career.
  • Saying yes to the right questions to secure TEDx Talk
  • Experience as a speaker as a pre-requisite to giving a TEDx Talk
  • The popularity of TEDx Talks, even though they are non-paid. 
  • TEDx talks selected for placement on website 
  • Criteria for moving from TEDx to TED talks
  • Process of building a speaking career to supplant or replace income.
  • How a Speaker's Bureau works, along with advantages and process.
  • Coaching individuals on topic selection, writing and delivering a speech

    Bea Wray has dazzled audiences for 20 years speaking about entrepreneurship, leadership, and women in business.

    Although she has been taught by the best minds in academics and business at Harvard Business School,  motherhood was what really taught Bea how to negotiate, communicate in the business world, think on her feet and adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Raising three kids is undoubtedly the best training for understanding what it takes to succeed and thrive in the entrepreneurial universe. Those lessons traveled directly from the playroom to the boardroom.


    Michael Levin is a versatile and talented columnist, author, distance runner, and musical performer who has ghostwritten more than 700 books ranging from finance and entrepreneurship to health care and technology.

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