Become a Media Maven

Become a Media Maven

If you’re tired of seeing your competition in places you would love to be mentioned or featured, this is where you will learn to dominate media platforms. So get ready to become a Media Maven on your website, social media, on the local and national news, in newspapers, in magazines, in online articles, in blogs, as a contributor, on podcasts, on the radio, and more. Christina Nicholson shares her media expertise so you can boost your authority and skyrocket your visibility. Learn how to handle public relations without hiring a publicist so you can land coverage on TV, in print, online, and on-air so more people know, like, and trust you. Christina is a former TV reporter and anchor who has worked in markets from New York City to Miami, Florida. Now, she owns a Public Relations agency called Media Maven. She also founded Podcast Clout - software that helps you find the perfect podcast and all the information you need to pitch and land a spot as a guest. She does it all with three little kids at home… and no, she’s never felt any mom guilt about any of it. You can follow along with her life as a working mom on her blog, Christina All Day. You can still see her in front of the camera as a host on Lifetime TV, in national commercials, on Palm Beach’s NBC station for her monthly segment, and read her work online in Huff Post, Inc. Magazine, BossBabe, Business Insider, and Fast Company. Oh yeah - and Christina loves reading and eating pizza. Now, let’s teach you how to Become a Media Maven.... Show More

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December 8, 2020 15 min

To be successful in PR, you need to be prepared and be able to give members of the media whatever they want and need on a silver platter. That’s it!

1. Update your site and sales process.

It drives me nuts when people think a PR team is a sales team. It’s not. You need to be ready to convert those leads PR brings… or else, what’s the point?

2. Be nice.

I know this sounds silly, but so many people go into a PR strategy like members of the media owe them something, like they deserve media coverage. Trust me, every journalist in the world would not mind if media pitches stopped. They’d be fine. you wouldn’t. So yes, being nice and courteous to members of the media is helpful.

3. Focus on social media… as an expert.

This doesn’t mean post a bunch of randomness on every platform. This means you should ask yourself, “What are members of the media or potential customers going to find when they search for me on social media?”

4. Have “real people” on standby.

If all the news stories were only the people behind the business, things would get boring really fast. You need to have those trusted customers, referrals, and people who have actually experienced what you talk about ready to go. If you’re a doctor, have a patient. If you have a product, have a real customer who uses your product on a regular basis. These are the people that add the entertainment factor.

5. Do the math.

I hate math, but I mean stats and data when I say do the math. All journalists like numbers because numbers make things current and relevant. It screams “NEWS” when people can see there are hard facts that can be quantified in a news story.

If you have all of these things ready to go and you’re willing to share (even overshare), you will be way ahead of many others looking to build their brand in the media.

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