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January 5, 2023 64 mins

Chris Neville from goHunt is on the show today to talk about some changes certain states have made to the draw system in 2023, some new developments from goHunt this year, and the basics how to draw a deer, elk, or antelope tag out west in the near future. 

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My goHunt INSIDER membership is the most valuable and useful resource I could ask for to help with planning this stuff. It is an absolute must have if you want to plan some western hunts for yourself in the future, regardless of whether you’re going guided or on a DIY hunt.

If you buy a membership and read their stuff carefully, you’ll set yourself up for success by avoiding situations where you’re wasting your money on applications you have literally 0% odds of drawing and potentially end up having a quality hunt YEARS sooner than you would have otherwise because you simply know the odds and can find some of the under the radar hunts to apply for like I have over the years.

Go to, sign up for an INSIDER membership TODAY, and use it to start planning your future hunts. Use promo code BIGGAMEHUNTER when you do to get $50 in store credit at their gear shop.

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