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July 12, 2024 17 mins

Hello Everyone

This is the first few minutes of an all new audio drama adaptation that I am working on.  We are doing Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs but with an all female cast.

Im very proud of the voice cast for this and I cannot thank these laides enough for their work

Jaylan Salah from InSession Films as Mr. Orange

Leona Zolota as Mr. White

Nikki From Trivial Theater as Mr. Blue and Mr. Blonde

Linda Castro  as Joe and M...

Mark as Played

Hello everyone

I the Vern here to give you a very short episode on movies I have seen this past week. It's also a good show because I give you updates on all the things that will be happening to Cinema Recall.

in August we are going to be posting the audio versions of the show on Rabbit Hole Podcasts instead of our usual places

Videos will still be on our YouTube page


Mark as Played

Hello Everyone. The Vern and Ashley or sometimes just Vern will give you thier random thoughts on what they have seen recently or just talk about whatever is on thier minds. These episodes are unscripted and unedited so you never know what will happen. On today's episode, Ashley and Vern give you their thoughts on Inside Out 2, Joker 2, The Boys season 4, Anyone but You, a drama involving a missing phone, and much much mor...

Mark as Played

The Vern is joined by Ryan of Soundtrack Your Life

( to list what we think is the best songs used in movies. We cant play you clips of these songs because we dont want to get sued, but you can hear Vern sing a few of them badly.

Later Ashley joins and gives us her list and we read comments on what others think are good songs from movies.

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Cast a Role Pod

Mark as Played

This episode was suppouse to include Ashley but she had issues with her recording and so she is not on this episode. We were joined by podcaster and film critic Jaylan Salah of Women Inession 

( to discuss two movies with actor Ryan Gosling but thanks to the techincal issues. We were only able to cover just a portion of only one.

Before that Jaylan and Vern do a good sized Rage Corner (Br...

Mark as Played

Hello everyone.

I the Vern have a new episode of sorts for you all. This is a collection of all the audio dramas that I have edited for Cinema Recall and other places for many years in the past. It was a lot of fun finding clips to share and I hope you enjoy it.


This episode contains selections from

Night of the Living Dead

Mark as Played

Hello Everyone.

This episode comes at quite a shock people. I was certain that Cinema Recall was done for but due to everyone's efforts for sharing and donating. We were able to help save this podcast from complete disapearance.

We have not fully returned, more like 75 to 85 % back.. We hope to be fully back by the end of June. But Patreon members will get full episodes until than so be sure to subscribe to


Mark as Played

I have a bit of bad news for you all. After today, there will be no more new episodes of Cinema Recall. I hit some financial troubles and will not have the time to record any regular shows as we did before.

However there is hope and that hope is with you, the listener and viewer. You can donate to our Go Fund Me Page and with your suppourt. We can get the show back up ASAP

Donate whatever you can. If you can't spare anyt...

Mark as Played

We are starting a new series here at Cinema Recall. This time we are focusing on an actor's career instead of a filmmaker and for our first entry. We are chosing a person who has done a wide variety of films., Mr. Ryan Gosling. He has stared in such iconic features such as , Drive, Barbie and of course the masterpeice La La Land This time we are talking about two iconic comedies he made. The Nice Guys & Lars and the Real ...

Mark as Played

Howard The Duck was met with both critical and audience hatred when it was relased in 1986. But is it as terrible as everyone says it is.

The Vern brings on his friend, Cayley of Once Over with Cayley 

to talk about this cult classic in great duck tail, woo hoo. That is the only pun I will put in this entire episode

Before that they each have a Rage Corner brought to us from ...

Mark as Played

In this bonus episode. The Vern recaps many of the movies he saw at The Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival.

It's unscripted and unedited. Just yours truly speaking into a microphone for under thirty minutes on some movies he saw.

You can read full reviews of the movies featured on this episode on our website.

Films being reviewe...

Mark as Played

On today's episode. The Vern gets to interview the writer and director of a very cool exploitation feature currently in production called Psycho Sex Dolls, David Wilde. A movie whose title already tells you what the movie is about without needing to see any trailer.

Find out more about this feature and help support independent filmmaking 


Mark as Played
April 5, 2024 101 mins

Hello gang.

Today's episode is a classic  as we look back at an earlier episode back from season one. Our guests were all former hosts over at That Moment In (Where this show originally started ) We got together to talk about the moments in movies that made us cry, the ones that made us jump in fright and even the ones that got us aroused.

Joining us is Daniel Lackey who now hosts 

Musically Ignor...

Mark as Played

This is the full complete version of the audio drama adaptation of Clue that I made for Rabbit Hole Podcasts.  Featuring many great and wonderful voice acting talents.

Uncut Video Footage is on our Patreon Page Be sure to check out all the great shows at Rabbit Hole Podcasts including my new series Bunny Bites.


Mark as Played
March 22, 2024 77 mins

We continue our look back on the films of Yorgos Lanthimos with our guest, Jim of Film Rage. ( .

The movie we are discussing is the 2018 Oscar winning feature, The Favourite.  Starring Emma Stone, Olivia Colman (Best Actress), and Rachel Weisz. 

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The Podcast That Wouldn't Die 



(Use Promo Code Recall and get one month fr...

Mark as Played
March 15, 2024 34 mins

This episode has been modified from it's orginal version.  It has been formatted to fit this podcast.

(Go to to hear the full complete show)

On this exclusive Patreon episode. Donnie Robets of various projects(links will be at the botom) joins The Vern to discuss the 1991 political thriller about one man who tried to learn the truth behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy, JFK. Featur...

Mark as Played
March 8, 2024 64 mins

We continue our look at the flms of Yorgos Lanthimos with his most recent film, Poor Things.  This fantasy advenure,starring Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, William Dafoe and more is nominated for 11 Academy Awards.  

Joining The Vern to discuss all aspects of this movie is Ryan Luis Rodrigiuez of 

One Track Mind 


Reels of Justice


Mark as Played

On this short episode, Ashley gives reviews of two new movies. Argylle and Lisa Frankenstein

Also on tap a very short Rage Corner (from the gents at Film Rage)

Ads by

Whatever with Jason Soto

Science Fiction Remnant


Magic Mind

(  Get up to 56% off your subscription for the ...

Mark as Played

On today's bonus episode of Cinema Recall. The Vern is posting small sections from his guest appearance on two great film podcasts that you should subscribe to.

First he is joined by Erin and Kevin of The Podcast That Wouldn't Die to talk about the classic horror film, Pearl.

You can actually watch us talk about this flick on YouTube

After the break, The Vern meets up ...

Mark as Played

We continue our series on the films of Yorgos Lanthimos discussing one of his most polarizing films,The Kiling of a Sacred Deer. Film Critic and Teacher, Howard Casner of Pop Art Podcast  joins The Vern to discuss the dark drama/ bleak comedy starring Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, and Barry Keoghan.

Check out Howard Casner's book 

The Starving Artist and Other Stori...

Mark as Played

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