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4 Year Anniversary Special : Duke Loves Rasslin Week 208

Duke Loves Rasslin

#DukeLovesRasslin is officially 4 years Old! That's right folks we are celebrating the 4 year Anniversary of the podcast and guess who's back? #TheBostonBadBoy has taken a break from sailing the world with Stars to bust The Duke's chops on this special episode. Hear from guests including: Dusty and Brandi Wolfe, Coach Davis, Beatrice, Billy The Construction Worker, Silver Foxx and Kim Artlip of Ignite Wrestling. The craziness doesn't stop there as The Boston Bad Boy and The Duke recite a conversation that occurred between "Billionaire Tony" and The Duke regarding AEW's lack of clarity. This episode is so wild there is even a video version on the #DukeLovesRasslin #Youtube channel!

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