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Using Video to Share Stories for Mental Health Awareness (IndieFlix & What's Your Story, LLC) - The Executive Innovation Show

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The Executive Innovation Show in collaboration with the non-profit Humans Helping Humans debuts the series “Mental Health is Health!”, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. In this episode, Carrie Chitsey speaks with Scilla Andreen and Robyn Shumer. 

Scilla Andreen an award-winning TV and film industry veteran and CEO and co-founder of IndieFlix; a global, subscription streaming and screening service that focuses on content for a purpose. She is also the director of the newly released LIKE, a documentary about the impact of social media on our lives and the producer of Angst an IndieFlix Original documentary that opens up the conversation about anxiety and mental health. She is on a mission to change the world with film.

Robyn Shumer is the founder of “What’s Your Story, LLC,” a community storytelling initiative about life-changing moments that also raises money for non-profits. She is a TEDx storyteller who waited over 30 years to tell the story of the anorexia that she developed at 11 years old, her lifelong management of an eating disorder, and ultimately, her complicated path to motherhood. 

Listen in as we discuss topics such as: 

  • We talk with Scilla Andreen about what led her to start the non-profit Indieflix and make social impact films. Scilla talks about what specifically made her want to focus on mental health. Listen as she speaks on an emotional experience from her past that contributed to her mission today. 
  • As a direct line to the student population, hear what Scilla believes is changing the conversation inside of schools on the topic of mental health. Are schools becoming more open to having these hard discussions with students about what mental health is? 
  • Hear about how film is helping communities find relief and hope. Scilla discusses the aftermath of her films and what is doing for communities, students, and families. 
  • As the director of the movie LIKE, a documentary on the impact of social media in our world today, we talk more about social media anxiety. What is social media anxiety and how is it affecting students across America? Listen in as Scilla describes the film and why it is important to her. 
  • Mental health is a topic of conversation that should be had with everyone, Scilla dives into how the context of the conversation should be just as important. She speaks to the conversation her films create and how she uses film to create educated conversations. 
  • Listen as Scilla expresses her hopes for Indieflix in the next three to five years. What does she hope her films will do when it comes to bringing awareness to mental health?  
  • We talk with Robyn Shumer about her company, “What’s Your Story, LLC”, as it seeks to create engagement and connection within communities surrounding the topic of mental health. Listen as she talks about what led her to start “What’s Your Story” after delivering a Ted Talk. 
  • Hear about the impact that these storytelling events and their subsequent videos have had on communities and the storytellers themselves as it brings awareness to mental health. 
  • Having dealt with an eating disorder starting in elementary school Robyn speaks to the spread of social media’s “highlight reel”. Has this social media “highlight reel” made eating disorders grow over the last few years? 
  • Where will mental health awareness be in five years? Robyn gives her thoughts. 
  • Want to watch the films on IndieFlix? Watch over 5000 shorts, features, docs and series. Use code POD2019 for 33% off for 3 months (normally $4.99/mo). 

    Learn more about “What’s Your Story, LLC”. WYS creates engagements while fundraising for non-profits. It’s a fundraising solution that is available for all. 

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    Using Video to Share Stories for Mental Health Awareness (IndieFlix & What's Your Story, LLC) - The Executive Innovation Show