Exploit No More Stories of Hope Podcast

Exploit No More Stories of Hope Podcast

Human trafficking can be a dark topic but this podcast shines a light on the reality that healing is possible. Not only for trafficking victims but for all of us. Overcoming difficult situations is possible. Winning in every area of life is possible. Be ready to learn, shed a tear, laugh, be challenged, and motivated to "go and do" (take action), all while you increase your belief in the power of hope. Amazing things are happening to help people thrive in life and this podcast delivers those stories of hope.... Show More

Do you remember as a teenager, counting down the days until when you could finally get a job? Kids who have been victims of trafficking and youth at high risk of being trafficked have that same desire; there is dignity in work.

On this episode, Jarrett and Melania discuss how the Exploit No More workforce development program (The Elevated Chef) will provide job opportunities specifically for this population of youth. With a strengths based focus, youth will learn about and build on what is right with them, instead of what is wrong with them.

To start, there will be a food truck called, "The Elevated Chef" that we aim to launch in the summer of 2019!

The menu will consist of burgers made with grass fed beef and some of the most amazing chicken tenders that you'll ever have! With over 10 different sauces to choose from, your food truck experience is going to be elevated! 

Food Pop Up Event Details:
Saturday, January 27th from 5-8PM
Blue's Egg on 76th and Bluemound
Reserve Tickets here!

Thanks to Chef Joe Muench, part owner of Blue's Egg, Story Hill BKC, and Maxie's for believing in our vision and helping us to create this program and delicious menu. Find out more about these restaurants, here.

A massive thanks to Potawatomi Bingo and Casino and iHeart Media for believing in our work and supporting this program. Through the Potawatomi Heart of Canal Street fundraiser, we were given over $35,000 to help launch the food truck!

Learn more about The Elevated Chef at our website, here!

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