Fantasy and Stuff

Fantasy and Stuff

An army of possessed knights; a great curse that threatens to destroy all of humanity; a cleric, who worships the mustache god? Join Jack Riales and friends on a new and exciting tabletop RPG podcast, featuring a rotating cast of characters going on some silly little adventures together. It's like a cozy bedtime story, except with gratuitous amounts of death and destruction. Sit the kids down by the fire and enjoy some high fantasy and high jinks. ... Show More
August 8, 2019 56 min

With Bloze revealing himself resurrected from the death of the Ravager beast, the Crusaders form together to defeat him.

Fantasy and Stuff is produced by Wacky Smacks. Find us on everything!

Thank you for listening! Fantasy and Stuff is hosted this week by

  • Jack Riales as the DM
  • Cyan Stratton as Fork Silverware
  • Tyler Flowers as Oro
  • and Ben Strong as Bearn


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