FilkCast Episode 22 August 28 2019



Black Book Band - First Contact - The Lightship Yarrow (Barry Childs Helton/Trad)

Cynthia McQuillin - Singer In The Shadow - Liza D.

Barry & Sally Childs Helton - Tempus Fugitives - Gravity Exiles (Barry Childs Helton/Trad)

Joe Bethancourt - That Great Big Way Out There - Second Star To The Right

Frank Hayes - Never Set The Cat On Fire - Tinkers Daughter

Leslie Fish - Folk Songs For Folk Who Ain't Been Yet - Engineer's Hymn (Kipling/Fish)

Shai Dorsai
Dorsai Irregulars - Jacques Cretien (Gordon R Dickson/Trad)

Ellen McMicking - A Shield Maid's Lament (Tracy Holland)

Dave Clement - Man Of War (Kathy Mar)

Yang The Nauseating - The Kha-Khan's Lament - The I Am Not A Ninja Polka's%20Lament/

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Intro Music - Hope Eyrie by Leslie Fish - Julia Ecklar - Guitar - Kristoph Klover