Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Join Founders Club with Oliver Graf, the show for Real Estate Entrepreneurs, created and dedicated to you, the realtor, broker, investor, agent, digital marketer, or any other real estate industry professional. If you're looking for inspiration, motivation and actionable advice on how to grow your real estate business, then join us each episode for a new discussion, interview or case study. Discover how you can learn to generate more real estate leads, convert more customers, and do more business. Join us for a casual conversation over a beer with high achievers from throughout the real estate industry. From developers to top producers and everything in between. Oliver's company Big Block Realty, has been named the Inc 500's fastest growing real estate brokerage in America (three years in a row) and #26, #31 and #33 overall on the Inc 500. Big Block Realty was named one of the top 360 entrepreneurial companies by Entrepreneur in 2018 and featured in Inman multiple times. He is a seri... Show More

Mark Pattison began his career as an employee at Microsoft, but it didn’t take long for him to get bored and move on. Four years ago, he moved to San Diego (on a moped that didn’t belong to him) and started selling real estate. He did nine deals in his first year before starting his own team, and since then, he has grown like crazy, logging 73 transactions in 2017 and 116 in 2018. Mark’s team has closed 100 deals so far this year, putting them on track to do 250 deals in 2019. In March alone, they did 30 sides! So, what’s his secret?

Mark is the founder of the PorchLight Real Estate Team, a group of seven top agents set to sell over $100M in volume this year. He is a graduate of Seattle University’s Albers Business School and among the top 1% of realtors in San Diego County. Today, Mark sits down with Oliver to explain how his approach to managing a team has changed over time and discuss how educating his agents has led to their exponential growth.

Mark walks us through his team’s approach to generating leads, discussing how he uses Facebook to engage with his sphere of influence and how he converts prospects at an open house. He also describes the free online tools he can’t live without and the organizational habits that contribute to his success. Listen in for Mark’s insight on surrounding yourself with people who will lift you up and learn how to take your real estate career to the next level!

Key Takeaways

[0:45] Mark’s impressive exponential growth

  • 30 deals in March alone
  • On track to close 250 in 2019
  • [2:12] Mark’s approach to building a team

  • Find key players
  • Provide value so don’t leave
  • [4:04] How Mark educates his agents

  • Streamlined, consistent processes
  • Create classes with AdaptiveU
  • [10:59] Mark’s role on the team

  • Empower team vs. star of show
  • Mentor in generating long-term wealth
  • [16:00] Mark’s shifting approach to managing agents

  • Eliminate morning huddle, weekly meeting
  • Downsized from 20 to 7 based on commitment
  • [21:02] How Mark got started in real estate

  • Buyer’s agent on Jesse Zagorsky team
  • Sold 9 homes in first year (August to December)
  • [25:51] Mark’s experience with starting a team

  • Share ideas, network with other team leaders
  • Not profitable at first
  • [28:35] What makes Mark’s team profitable today

  • Find out what online leads work in San Diego
  • Measure and double down on what works
  • [31:29] The breakdown of Mark’s lead sources

  • 95% of individual business from SOI
  • Online leads + open houses
  • [33:15] How Mark earns new clients at an open house

  • Educate in fun way (e.g.: schools, tax rates)
  • Create doubt in process (i.e.: off-market binder)
  • [41:46] How Mark’s team handles portal leads

  • 3-hour lead shifts routed through Boomtown
  • 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday
  • [43:26] The value of having a coach

  • Flesh out ideas and hold to it
  • Share what’s working for others
  • [47:15] The tools Mark can’t live without

  • Trello for organization
  • Brokermint for transaction management
  • Facebook to connect with sphere
  • [49:20] How Mark engages with his sphere

  • Monthly Facebook ad to custom audience
  • Events (e.g.: shows, Padres tickets)
  • Private Facebook group
  • Quarterly Happy Hour at office
  • [55:45] The habits that contribute to Mark’s success

  • Color-coded calendar (block time for to-dos)
  • Define 3 things must accomplish each day
  • Surround self with good people
  • Utilize free resources
  • [1:02:54] Mark’s insight on overcoming objections

  • Know answers, be ready with referrals
  • [1:10:31] Mark’s advice for taking it to the next level

  • Surround self with successful people
  • Don’t compare self to others
  • Find niche + double down
  • Connect with Mark

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