Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Join Founders Club with Oliver Graf, the show for Real Estate Entrepreneurs, created and dedicated to you, the realtor, broker, investor, agent, digital marketer, or any other real estate industry professional. If you're looking for inspiration, motivation and actionable advice on how to grow your real estate business, then join us each episode for a new discussion, interview or case study. Discover how you can learn to generate more real estate leads, convert more customers, and do more business. Join us for a casual conversation over a beer with high achievers from throughout the real estate industry. From developers to top producers and everything in between. Oliver's company Big Block Realty, has been named the Inc 500's fastest growing real estate brokerage in America (three years in a row) and #26, #31 and #33 overall on the Inc 500. Big Block Realty was named one of the top 360 entrepreneurial companies by Entrepreneur in 2018 and featured in Inman multiple times. He is a seri... Show More

Keri Shull began her illustrious career as an Oscar Meyer Weiner Girl, driving the Weinermobile across the US for $30K a year. Today, she runs a real estate empire, leading a team of 85 to more than $4B in sales. So, how do you go from driving a hot dog to scaling a real estate team that dominates the DC Metro market?

Keri started building her real estate team in 2010, and today, they are ranked #1 in the DMV and #33 in the country. Keri’s team is working toward 1K transactions in 2019 with an eye to become #1 in the US within five years. Keri also serves other realtors looking to scale through HyperFast Academy and HyperLocal HyperFast Coaching.

On this episode of Founders Club, Keri joins Oliver to explain how she went from 21 to 365 transactions in five years by focusing on builder accounts. She discusses what inspired her to start building a team and shares her approach to training, accountability, and overstaffing. Keri also describes how she thinks about profitability and offers insight into how her team does content marketing. Listen in for Keri’s advice around getting started in a new market and learn how she continues to scale by moving from idea to execution—in an insanely short period of time!

Key Takeaways

[1:16] What makes Keri’s team #1 in her market

  • Care deeply about clients, team
  • Very focused marketing
  • Replicate other’s success
  • [6:15] Keri’s niche focusing on builder accounts

  • Look for high land value, low property value
  • Target letter giving client options
  • Send 3X in 3 consecutive weeks
  • Provide more value, client support
  • [16:20] Keri’s early days in the real estate business

  • Recruited to sell new homes, then condos
  • Got license to help investor do bulk sales
  • Deal fell through, started working as agent
  • [23:02] What inspired Keri to build a team

  • Met agents doing hundreds of transactions (live event)
  • Hire to solve for weaknesses
  • [28:59] Keri’s approach to overstaffing

  • Hire ahead of salespeople to facilitate success
  • Anticipate where going, hire for that
  • [30:43] How Keri trains her team

  • Social proof drives coachability
  • Evolving commission or salary models
  • [34:50] Keri’s take on accountability

  • Weekly individual meeting with sales manager
  • Publish conversion and sales numbers
  • Weekly email to team
  • Tools to help meet income goals
  • [40:51] Keri’s Buyers-in-Waiting Database

  • Already invested money in finding buyers
  • Made up of past clients, opt-ins on ads
  • [44:28] How Keri thinks about profitability

  • Invest in digital game (e.g.: Facebook ads)
  • Salaried position to do personal referrals
  • Use SOI cap to reward hunters
  • [51:33] Keri’s goals for continued growth

  • #1 team in world in next five years (1,723 sides)
  • Grow companies to support other agents
  • [56:20] How Keri’s team does content marketing

  • Implement digital mayor strategy
  • Blitz Day contest with team (videographers)
  • Pay to drive traffic to social channels
  • Feed audience into funnels, set appointments
  • [1:05:43] The content that gets the most engagement

  • Amazon is Coming to Town custom audiences
  • Content YOU care about (e.g.: tips for traveling moms)
  • [1:14:29] How Keri got into the coaching space

  • Record systems to train team
  • Online academy to share with others
  • Encouraged by own coach to do one-on-ones
  • [1:23:03] How Keri goes from idea to execution fast

  • Delegate in real time at event
  • [1:25:17] Keri’s advice on starting in a new market

  • Build relationships (i.e.: mommy groups)
  • Use geofencing strategy to stay in front
  • Network with divorce attorneys
  • [1:34:25] Keri’s top tools and apps

  • Facebook autoresponder bot
  • Notability app
  • Connect with Keri

    Keri’s Website

    Keri Shull Team on YouTube

    HyperFast Agent

    HyperFast Academy

    Inner Circle

    Keri’s Coaching Progra

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