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Grace Enough Podcast

A podcast designed to encourage believers that God can use you to impact His kingdom no matter your story. Yes, it requires surrender and trust, but His grace is enough.


July 29, 2021 21 min

The founder and CEO of, Jonathan Carswell joins Amber why and how they provide quality Christian resources at affordable prices.

Christmas in July Questions:
  • What is the mission behind
  • Share a bit of the backstory of 10 of Those.  Why did you decide to launch 10ofThose?
  • What are some ways 10 of Those distribute resources to support ministries?
  • What do you love about the work you are doing with 10 of Those...
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    Women's Bean Project Executive Director, Tamra Ryan sits down with Amber to share providing transitional employment to women attempting to break the cycle of chronic unemployment and poverty.

    Christmas in July Questions:
  • What is the mission behind The Women's Bean Project?
  • Share a bit of the backstory of The Women's Bean Project and your involvement.
  • When someone purchases from the Women's Bean Project how are they i...
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    July 27, 2021 11 min

    David Grant, Executive Director of Sari Bari USA sits down with Amber to share how Sari Bari helps women trapped in the sex trade find freedom and opportunity through employment.

    Christmas in July Questions:
  • What is the mission behind Sari Bari?
  • Share a bit of the backstory of Sari Bari and your involvement.
  • When someone purchases from Sari Bari, how are they impacting Sari Bari employees?
  • What do you love about the work you are doin...
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    The co- founder of Dwell Differently, Natalie Abbott sits down with Amber to share how and why Dwell designs temporary tattoos, key tags, stickers and prints to help you memorize one Bible verse a month.

    Christmas in July Questions:
  • What is the mission behind Dwell?
  • Share a bit of the backstory of Dwell.
  • When someone purchases from Dwell, what can they expect to receive?
  • What do you love about the work you are doing with Dwell?
  • What i...
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    July 25, 2021 21 min

    The founder of Hope + Vine, Rachael Smith sits down with Amber to share how Hope + Vine employs and mentors women aging out of the foster care system. 

    Christmas in July Questions:
  • What is the mission behind Hope + Vine?
  • Share a bit of the backstory of Hope + Vine.
  • When someone purchases from Hope + Vine, how are they impacting your employees?
  • What do you love about the work you are doing with Hope + Vine?
  • What...
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    Laura Perry joins Amber to discuss living as a transgender male for 10 years,?her life leading up to the transition, and the transformation she experienced through the Word of God, Jesus, and the faithful prayers of her mother.

    Questions Laura and I Discuss:
  • (2:13) What was life like for you as a young girl?? Did you grow up with Christian parents? Did you fit in at school??
  • (5:38) At age 8 you were molested and that only compounde...
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    Joe Delagrave joins me to discuss the tragic event that changed his life, wrestling with his identity in Christ and his identity as an athlete and becoming a paralympic rugby player, who will be competing in Tokyo in a few short weeks. 

    Questions Joe and I Discuss:
  • (3:28) As we dive into your story, set the stage by sharing a bit about your childhood and your love of sports.
  • (5:01) You were a college athlete, playing division II fo...
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    Rebecca (Becky) joins me to discuss sharing the faith you live in a post-Christian world, celebrating God's power in our weakness, and asking good questions like Jesus.

    Questions Becky and I Discuss:
  •  (9:23) When did you begin walking with Jesus?  Briefly share a bit of your faith journey with us.

  • (16:20) Let's go back to when you first released your best-selling book Out of the Saltshaker, what did you hope a book on e...

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    Debra Wallace joins Amber to discuss the betrayal she experienced in her marriage, how Scripture memorization gave her strength and courage, and how she ministers to other women experiencing betrayal trauma.

    Questions Debra and Amber Discuss:
  • (3:54) Briefly share how you came to know Jesus. 
  • (4:27) Take our listeners back to your life as a new wife and mother.  How would you have described your family?
  • (6:34) 10 years into your marr...
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    June 8, 2021 53 min

    Vivian Mabuni joins Amber to discuss investing your lives into others, so that they may know and walk with Jesus. We discuss our heart posture toward discipleship, inquiring of the Lord, and some practical ways to begin discipling others.

    Questions Vivian and I Discuss:
  • (8:39) How did you begin walking with Jesus?
  • (17:14) God led you to a place of working with college students and discipling them and you have faithfully discipled t...
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    Amanda Glass joins me to discuss the inspiration behind her book, That's What Dads Are Made For   You may be thinking it came from a place of intimate connection with her dad, but it actually came out of a relationship where she didn't feel fully known by her dad. It wasn't until she had children of her own and her dad passed away that her eyes were opened to his present hand throughout her life.  We also discuss her ho...

    Mark as Played

    Sheila Gregoire joins Amber to discuss some of the harmful messages many popular Christian books have put out when it comes to sex, intimacy, and a man's need versus a woman's need.  We also discuss her new book The Great Sex Rescue.

    Questions Sheila and I Discuss:
  • (3:34) Tell us a little about The Bare Marriage survey and what led you to embark on such a survey.
  • (6:05) What would you say is one of the most damaging, widely...
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    Rashawn Copeland joins Amber to discuss how God entered His mess when he was shot, when his football dreams were crushed, and when he was contemplating suicide.  Now, he shares the love of Jesus online, because it is where Jesus met him.

    When God Enters Your Mess Questions Rashawn and Amber Discuss:
  • (5:10) Share a little of your childhood with us.
  • (8:28) You were a successful high school football player with scholarship offers from...
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    Ed Wiley joins Amber to talk about his journey to becoming a comedian in the faith space, and how his role as goat farmer and homeschool dad often buffers his political jokes. Be prepared to laugh and to learn a little about differing views among Christians, and what it’s like to navigate that as an entertainer.

    Christians Can Laugh Too Episode Questions:
  • (8:21) So you’re a comedian, goat farmer, homeschool dad, impressionist, but...
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    David and Krista Dunham join me to discuss eating disorder recovery and their journey through Krista's eating disorder that is chronicled in their book, Table for Two: Biblical Counsel for Eating Disorders.

    Questions Discussed with David & Krista:
  • (3:27) Krista, you wrote, "As a Christian, it frustrated me that knowing, loving, and following God hadn't completely protected me from succumbing to an eating disorder.&...
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    April 27, 2021 38 min

    Mary Synder joins Amber to discuss being a writer and speaker and how she transitioned to tour producer and speaker coach. We also discuss her job with Compassion International, handling fame as a Christian, celebrity and her podcast Take the Stage.

    Questions Mary and I Discuss:
  • (2:49) Share a little about how you came to know Jesus and your early faith journey.
  • (6:00) When did you know you wanted to be a writer and a speaker?
  • (12:2...
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    April 20, 2021 34 min

    Heather Creekmore joins Amber to discuss negative body image, how we make body image an idol, and the greatest transformation story of all–salvation.

    Body Image Questions Heather and I Discuss:
  • (3:59) You are a follower of Jesus who speaks to the spiritual root issues of body image.  What is your personal journey with body image struggles?
  • (7:19) What happened when you realized I have body image struggles and I am going to do somet...
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    Trillia Newbell joins me to discuss her book geared toward elementary aged students, Creative God, Colorful Us. We discuss laying a foundation for the image of God in man, the image of Adam in man, and the diversity of the family of God.

    Questions Trillia and I Discuss:
  • (3:31) Share with our listeners a bit of your faith journey.  When did you come to know Jesus?
  • (5:52) You have been writing about diversity for years, but your appr...
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    Gracia Burnham joins me to discuss on her missionary life with Martin, being held hostage by the Abu Sayyaf, and God's provision during the 20 years since being freed from the jungle and losing Martin.

    Questions Gracia and I Discuss:
  • (4:38) You met and married Martin and eventually moved to the Philippines where you served as missionaries for 17 years.  Tell us what led you to the Philippines and what ministry looked like for ...
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    Sharon Betters and Susan Hunt join me to talk about Aging with Grace in an anti-aging culture.  We discuss Psalm 92, healthy rhythms women can establish to help as their bodies slow down, and the value of investing in younger and older women.

    Questions on Aging and God's Word Discussed During Our Conversation:
  • (5:11) What do you mean when you say, aging with grace?
  • (12:57) How would you encourage women in their 40's-50'...
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