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May 27, 2024
109 - Kenny Aaronson

In episode 109 of “Have Guitar Will Travel”, presented by Vintage Guitar Magazine host, James Patrick Regan speaks with bassist extraordinaire Kenny Aaronson. In their conversation they cover: His current project being the bassist and part of the core band for the “Happy Together” tour. Kenny talks about his time in the band Derringer and the show supporting Led Zeppelin at their last ever show in the U.S. in Oakland 1977. Kenny discusses growing up in Brooklyn, NY and his first professional band “Dust”. They talk about Kenny’s love for bass after his start on his older brother’s drum set. They discuss a bunch of the artists Kenny has played with… Hall and Oates, Billy Squire, Lesley West, Joan Jett, Brian Setzer, Mick Taylor, Dave Edmonds, Robert Gordon to name a few. They discuss Kenny’s love for steel guitar… and making mid century modern tiki music. . You can find out more about Kenny at his website: . . Please subscribe, like, comment, share and review this podcast! . #VintageGuitarmagazine #KennyAaronson #HappyTogetherTour #Derringer #VintageGuitar #guitar #Guitar #Yardbirds #NewYorkDolls #bassguitar #Bass #theDeadlies #guitarfinds #haveguitarwilltravelpodcast #guitarcollector #Travelwithguitars #haveguitarwilltravel #hgwt #HGWT #Tiki #MidCenturyModern . .

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