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June 13, 2019 45 mins

Denell Nawrocki is a health and healing educator, speaker, guide and facilitator specializing in women's wellness and Earth based health. She believes in the body's ability to regenerate, and guides women to connect to their bodies and find empowerment on the self healing path.


Since 2010, Denell has done extensive study in the fields of health, healing, personal transformation, indigenous wisdom, plant medicine, and history. All of this culminates in her mission to guide people to be in loving relationship with their body and Earth's body. She

received her masters in Integrative Health Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).


The woman’s womb and yoni are sacred places. A woman’s cycle is a roadmap to what is happening in her body. Denell describes the structure of the cervix and the connection between it and our womb.


Essentially, the reproductive health of a woman is impacted by the external world. Therefore, it’s important that routines are put into place to support these sacred places. Denell shares her personal story of her cervical journey.


At a very young age, she would receive abnormal Pap smear results from the doctor's without any real explanation or support. She never felt empowered enough to question it.


When she realized the doctors weren’t helping her, she knew she had to figure this out by herself. From that moment on, she committed to honoring her body. She changed her entire lifestyle, from her friends, to her nutrition and how she was spending her time. This led her to dive deep into spiritual practices.             


Three years into her lifestyle changes she received a phone call from her doctor stating that her Pap smears were clear and normal. She reversed her diagnosis without receiving conventional medical support.


This led her to notice how little women are taught about their reproductive health. Which was the catalyst to creating Cervical Wellness. She has packaged everything she learned about healing herself and now teaches others to do the same.


Here are a few key takeaways from this episode:

The cervix is a representation of both life and death.

All of the intelligence and wisdom that people seek outside of themselves can be found on the inside.

The cervix is where creativity lies.

It’s vital to honor the body, the reproductive health and the womb space.

Women hold a lot of energy in their pelvic bowl.

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