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Pandemic Survival | How To Overcome Anxiety with Nicky Dare [Ep. 1] - DARE Radio with Nicky Dare

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A pandemic is not something that happens frequently, but whenever it happens, the ramifications can be brutal. One common effect affecting the majority of people during a global outbreak is ANXIETY. Here are some questions we should ask ourselves: • Are you experiencing pandemic uneasiness? • Do you feel uneasy about the future post of the pandemic? • Do you worry if you and the people you care about will survive or not? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, you might be experiencing anxiety, and that is normal! Worrying is a normal response to a crisis like a worldwide virus outbreak. However, some people worry much more than others and, as such, may potentially become a problem that can affect their wellbeing if not correctly addressed. The good news is that there are many ways of managing and overcoming anxiety in stressful situations. I've been there myself through my hands-on experiences, I will share with you how I overcome through some of the unimaginable crises in life.  To help you, here are some steps to take to overcome anxiety during a pandemic. Let's tune in here. Pandemic Survival is a life-saving, practical guide during this global pause.  Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. There's a 2nd series soon ! Stay tuned.  FREE Preview here: www.NickyDare.com  
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