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Joe Biden Biographer Makes Report To FBI About Hunter Biden Laptop - Jim Paris Live (James L. Paris)

Jim Paris Live (James L. Paris)

Mike McCormick, author of Biden Unauthorized, joins Jim Paris Live. McCormick shares the story of his own report to the FBI regarding information on the Hunter Biden laptop case. his book is the must-have truth about the Obama White House coverup of Joe Biden's crooked dealings in Ukraine. Fast-paced and full of insider knowledge, this book reveals Joe Biden's malfeasance for using his Office of the Vice President to enrich his son Hunter in a quid pro quo as he directed U.S. assistance to Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings in 2014. Mike McCormick's eyewitness account is clear and accurate because he was there in Ukraine and Poland with Joe Biden, as his primary stenographer. Evidence compiled from Obama White House visitor logs generates an irrefutable timeline of Biden corruption. The Polish Connection is identified. Confessions are all that's missing. Reasonable Americans will understand that this book exonerates President Donald Trump because he was right to ask for an investigation into a corrupt former vice president!  How Biden rebuffed Axelrod's warning in a private meeting over breakfast at the Vice President's Residence. What's worse for the Democrats is that from 2014 to the present, President Barack Obama is guilty of conspiring with his senior advisors to cover up Joe Biden's malfeasance in Ukraine by withholding that information from the public as the House Democrats initiated their partisan impeachment of President Trump. And they're still trying to get away with it! By the way, have you heard any reporting about Joe Biden's malfeasance or the Obama White House covering it up? No, not at all. But you can read the grimy details here in this book! Author Mike McCormick sheds sunlight on a sordid episode of American history! 
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Joe Biden Biographer Makes Report To FBI About Hunter Biden Laptop - Jim Paris Live (James L. Paris)