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The Million Dollar Mindset Podcast peers into the mental makeup, work ethic, & passion of the brightest & influential minds in the world of business/entertainment. The MDM Podcast is hyper-focused on illuminating the positive culture of brands & impactful digital products engineered by unconventional entrepreneurs.


January 28, 2023 40 mins

Accepting the challenge of chasing greatness is simple. Pursuing greatness without compromise requires ‘Championship DNA’ and faith beyond normal. Music impresario Prince Howard IV embodies the essence of a living manifestation. Prince Howard IV is half man and half supernatural being in the world of entertainment.

Identifying uncut diamonds in music is a divine skill set. Cultivating uncut diamonds into musical icons require...

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Nick Storm is the epitome of betting on yourself and reinvention. Being born with unparalleled human instincts and a Midas touch ability., Nick Storm is a self-made curator of cool. Converting product ideas into consumer gold illuminates his genius.

Nick Storm (@iamnickstorm) • Instagram photos and videos

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Very few people understand their purpose in life. Ex-Kickboxer/Bouncer/Stuntman turned actor in Hollywood R. Marcus Taylor understands the path to greatness and pain it will take to fulfill his dreams. 

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"Tragedy breeds inspiration," according to the late great Frederick Douglas. Larry White Jr converted personal tragedy into a multimillion-dollar franchise empire.

LOLO's Chicken and Waffles website: Homemade Southern Soul Food Restaurant | Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles (

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Becoming a light inside your own tunnel of darkness is a surreal moment of truth. Imagine uprooting your entire life and moving to another state with less than $500.00 in pursuit of a pre-destined vision.

Nigel’ Bezknowstalent’ Lee is a bona fide business mastermind.

Being born with unimaginable expectations, Nigel’ Bezknowstalent’ Lee’s life was never designed to be conventional. Possessing unrivaled fearless leadership ski...

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When you listen to Mr. Kaizen's words with your eyes closed, you instantly become connected to his magnetic energy. Fashion icons are born and not created. Welcome to the Mr. Kaizen experience.

MR KAIZEN (@iamkassius) • Instagram photos and videos

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Lil Zane and Myles Bullock detail their roles on Black Mafia Family powered by HYPEFRESH.

Home - Hypefresh Inc

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Chrissy Monroe is the true definition of SELF-MADE. Everything in her life was earned from the mud. She never doubted God's plan.

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Friday nights in Miami are iconic, and tonight I’m celebrating with my “mission impossible” crew at Fontainebleau. We booked the Trésor Penthouse, and views of Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami feel panoramic. Boasting 4,500 feet and 5 bedrooms, all 20 people are feeling very presidential. The entire suite is filled with seafood rice, fried turkey wings, green beans, peach cobbler, baked chicken, chicken tenders, Ace of Spades, ...

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The journey of a king is not for the faint of heart. They're aren't too many options, when you coming from the bottom. Patrick Byas meteoric rise to success is nothing short of amazing. On the Million Dollar Mindset Podcast he leaves nothing to the imagination.

My career as an actor started after I moved to New Jersey from The South Bronx. I've been on numerous TV shows and movies. My TV and film credits include; Billions...

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When you listen to the voice of Hood Celebritty there is a distinct sense of power, calculated emotional balance, and god-given charisma. Hood Celebrityy ascension to stardom is no accident, it's a beautiful flight of destiny. 

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I walk into Rome Recording Studios, searching for Major Recording Artist  JOPAUL, and I’m immediately greeted by a wall of security personnel at the front desk. I identify myself as a writer for RNH Magazine and have a  scheduled interview meeting with JOPAUL. Once I enter the recording room, the scene reminds me of the JAY-Z video “BIG PIMPIN” when they where in Trinidad. Exotic women of multiple nationalities are speaking  d...

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When you stare into the eyes of Johnta Austin you immediately feel a surreal vibe of romance, peace, sexuality, and inspiration.  During the epic interview Johnta reveals his blueprint for success, new business ventures, and more.

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 When the lion stares out upon the jungle and appears before other animals, the emotional energy becomes altered.  The menacing culture of lions is well documented, and it's violent, disruptive nature creates a shadow of strength throughout the jungle.    Entrepreneur/Global Recording Artist Sincere Show is one of the most polarizing entertainment power players in Los Angeles (City of Angels).  Sincere navigate corporate board...

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Jae Davis is one of the most powerful music executives in the business. Her journey is to success has been EPIC and the resume of results speaks for itself. Checkout the amazing interview and understand why Jae Davis is the new X-Factor in music.

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Markuann Smith is the definition of American Hustle in every aspect.  From his birth to Hollywood Markuann Smith is impacting the Millennial culture of Music and film.  Pay close attention to this amazing interview and listen for the "MAJOR KEYS" of success! Hey Siri, play the Million Dollar Mindset Podcast.

From a very young age, Markuann Smith knew that failure was not an  option, and always used that as his motto. Born in ...

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Some people understand their journey of destiny before the moment arrives. Bizzy Bone is one of the greatest MC's in the history of rap.  Being 1/3 member of the super group Bone Thugs & Harmony.  The musical influence of Bizzy Bone still influences Music Millennial's in 2019.  C/O the EPIC interview and understand why Bizzy Bone is Relaunching Greatness in the New Millennium!

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JOJO Zarur was born to lead, inspire, and empower people. Her natural raw energy is unconventionally magnetic and mesmerizing.  JOJO is obsessed with the pursuit of greatness and her story is just beginning.  In the mind of JOJO, the "World Is Not Enough". 

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Bruce Thompson is the perfect mixture of struggle, faith, redemption, and inspiration.  His God-given ability to transition between poverty and paradise is a rare trait within elite leaders throughout the world. His journey is unapologetic and uncompromising.  

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Bryson Tiller is a humble millennial music ICON on all levels. Jonathan P-Wright breaks down his metoric rise to stardom and impact of his #TRAPSOUL sound.

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