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Ep. 35: One Simple Thing - The Science of Yoga with Eddie Stern - Mindful Living with Athea Davis

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Happy Day, Friend! 

I know many of you out there are struggling with emotional overwhelm, anxiety, and you are taxed mentally with all the demands on your mental energy. 

If we could just have the magic bullet to help us get balanced in all the ways everything will be well right?! 

Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet, but there are a set of practices that can help us reach our unique mental, emotional, and physical balance each day. 

These practices come from the ancient tradition of yoga.

Yoga is so much more than those pretty poses you see on Instagram. Many people practice yoga to seek balance, peace, and joy in their lives. 

I had the opportunity to chat with yoga teacher, author, and lecturer, Eddie Stern, on the podcast show this week.

His new book, One Simple Thing: A New Look at the Science of Yoga is now available for purchase! 

We talk about all things yoga and science, including: 

~ Learning the language of the body and how this language can help us understand our emotional and mental state (and intentionally shift it); 

~ How we can cultivate moderation in our life – with food, movement, and rest; 

~ Eddie’s work and research with yoga in schools; 

~ Eddie’s mentorship program, Urban Yogis; 

~ The importance of community in healing emotional injuries;  

~ Tip + tools to help you reduce stress and anxiety and live more joyfully and mindfully; and 

~ So much more! 

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Happy listening!

XO ~ Athea


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