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February 3, 2023 56 mins
Take a moment to pause. Slowly take a breath in and hold. Then slowly breathe out and let it go. Activate your awareness and pay attention to what your internal senses are sharing. Balance your precious daily time being and doing without a list. This effort will help ignite your inner sparkle throughout your whole day. d Lee Do you find you are spending all of your time in focused pursuit of your endless listed to-do things? How do you feel when you have accomplished them? Do you also have an active listed to-be list made of things to pursue that make you feel connected, appreciative, happy and joy filled? There are many things we just pass by because we are disconnected and take things for granted as we focus on the multiple to do lists we keep. As you create your to-be list, it can help remind you to pause with a sense of gratitude for the small things that might have previously seemed unimportant. As you add things to your to-be list, you will find yourself more balanced and connected to your inner being. When you are more grounded, you can make better decisions and choose a better way be all day.
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