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January 13, 2023 55 mins
How do you feel when required to wait unexpectedly for something or someone and you did not allow yourself time to have to do this? Sometimes different expressive emotional words erupt from deep inside ourselves like a volcano of hot lava. And like hot lava, this uncontrolled flow of impatience can have a negative effect in all areas of our lives. PAUSE IMMEDIATELY – Pause Always Uses Simple Energy. When you take a moment to patiently pause in the moment of anger at the unplanned wait, that decision will save you many moments of regret. You will discover benefits as you apply this to your daily experiences. You will make better decisions, you will keep trying to work on focused goals, it helps preserve your important relationships, it can give you a sense of inner peace, and it can be an act of kindness to yourself and others. It can seem like a simple concept. But, in actuality, patience can be difficult to put into practice if you are not present in each of your moments. Join us.
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